Capability Statement


Our team of technical engineers focuses on eliminating IT waste and creating cost efficiencies for our clients. This includes ensuring that all of our projects are delivered on time and on budget, as well as providing an emphasis on continual improvement.


U.S. Federal and Defense organizations use Epitome to modernize and reduce the cost of IT, meet the requirements of the Data Center Optimization Initiative, and prepare for the opportunities in the Management of Government Technology Act. Our infrastructure solution delivers a superior hybrid cloud experience by simplifying the management of private and public cloud resources.

State & Local

State and local government agencies must balance budget restrictions with the growing demands for IT services. Public sector IT teams must often make difficult choices to demonstrate financial responsibility, while delivering all of the services the public needs.

The Epitome Advantage

If a technology solution is not delivering exceptional returns on your investment, it isn’t working correctly. We believe in partnering with our clients in a collaborative way to make sure their solution is performing as designed.